Friday, September 30, 2011

Quinoa Sweet Pongal (Navaratri special)


Quinoa :1cup
Water :1cup
Milk :1cup
Jaggery or sugar :1cup
Ghee :4tbsp
Cashews :1tbsp
Raisins :1tbsp
Cut Almonds:1tbs

Preparation Method :

 First cook the Quinoa with one cup of water and one cup of milk in a presser cooker up to 2 whistles(like rice).

Heat the Jaggery with 1/4 cup of water till it dissolves.

 Add the 2tbsp of ghee in pan and add the jaggery syrup and let it thicker for 5Mintues.

Now add the Quinoa in to the Jaggery syrup and mix it well on medium heat and cook 5Mintues.

If u r adding sugar u add sugar in to the Quinoa and mix well add some Ghee.

Now fry the Cashews,Raisins,Almonds in 2tbsp of ghee and add it in to the Quinoa Pongal.

Now the Quinoa Pongal is ready to serve enjoy.....

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