Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Egg Less Orange Bread

Ingredients :

All Purpose flour (Maida) : 3 cups
Orange Juice : 3/4 cup
Dry Yeast Instant :  2tsp
Honey : 5 tbsp
Salt : 1/2 tsp
Water (Warm) :1/4 cup
Oil : 2 tbsp
Orange Zest : 2 tsp
Milk for brushing loaf  before baking
Butter for brushing after baking

Method :

.  In a Bowl take Honey and add 2tbsp of warm water and    Dry Yeast mix .

. Now in a another Bowl take  the all purpose Flour and salt mix it well keep aside.

. Add the Orange Juice, Orange Zest, Oil and remaining water in to the honey and dry Yeast mixture.

. Now slowly add the Orange Juice mixture in to the flour and mix it .

. If dough is sticky dip ur hand in the oil and mix it like a smooth dough, Up to 10 minutes.

.  Now brush the dough with oil and cover the dough with
   towel and keep it in a warm place. Up to 1 hr the dough has
   to be doubles.

. After doubles the dough grease with butter to the bread pan
  and shape  the dough like bread, Place it in to the pan.

.  Now Pre - Heat the Oven 350 degrees before placing the

. Now brush the dough with milk and Bake for  25 - 30
  minutes. Up to the bread has turned golden brown color.

. If the color not changed to brown, lower the temperature
  and bake 10 minutes, keep an eye on it , Check if color
  changes switch off the oven and take out the bread .

. Remove from the pan brush it with butter and Let it cool completly at room temperature, then slice it.


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